Christian, When You Go to Vote Today…

Remember that no matter the outcome your true King is on the throne (Isaiah 6:1-4).

Remember that your citizenship is in heaven and you belong to another kingdom (Phi. 3:20).

  • Therefore, you vote with greater allegiance to the Kingdom of God than your allegiance to the   United States of America.

Know that government and the political process is under God’s sovereignty, as his way of maintaining justice on the earth (Rom. 13:1-7).

Remember that no political party (or candidate) is as righteous as they portray themselves and no political party (or candidate) is as evil as the opposing political party portrays them.

Know if your candidate wins, this nation will still be deeply flawed, and if you candidate loses, he will not be able to solve what ails us most.  Only Jesus can do that (Acts 4:12).

Remember that your call to act as salt and light in this world and to “not let any unwholesome talk come out of you” also applies to political discourse (Matt. 5:13-16, Eph. 4:29).

Remember that the hope of every person, every community, and every nation is not the victory of your candidate, but the victory of Jesus (Rev. 5:5).  Have you done more to proclaim your favorite candidate than Jesus?

Finally, remember that no matter who wins the world will continue being the world, which is for the most part in rebellion to God.  And no matter who wins, the church will need to continue live by the values of God’s kingdom and not the values of worldly kingdoms (John 18:36).

As you go to vote today, go with God!


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3 Responses to Christian, When You Go to Vote Today…

  1. Mike Miles says:

    Thanks for the important reminder, David. I share the sentiments, but you worded this better than I could have.

    • dgkeheflin says:

      Thanks for “dropping by” Mike and for the kinds words. I hope you are doing well. Maybe we can talk soon! If not before Thanksgiving, I hope you have a great holiday!

  2. Billie Courtright says:

    Well, once again, you’ve said what needs to be said in a bright and informative way. I think the decision this year is an easy one for a Christian. Thanks for the veiws.

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