My name is David Heflin and I am the preacher at the Third and Kilgore Church of Christ in Portales, NM, now in my fifth year.  I am also an adjunct religion instructor at Eastern New Mexico University.  Basically, that means I get to teach one class per semester. Usually, I teach Old Testament Survey, but I have also developed and taught an upper level course in Christian Missions.  I will also be teaching the Pentateuch and Biblical Perspectives on Relationships in the coming semesters.

My educational background includes a diploma from the Center for Christian Education in advanced biblical studies and evangelistic training, a B.A. in Bible from Oklahoma Christian University, and a M.A.R. in Theology and Ethics from Azusa Pacific University.

I grew up in Churches of Christ, a fellowship of Christians born out of the 19th century Stone-Campbell movement (or Restoration Movement).  I am grateful for the legacy of faith in my own family as passed down to me through these roots, but I am not blind to our own history and the problems we have had.  I am more than willing to critique this movement and the resulting churches, but I try to do so with respect.  I am also still very much a part of this large church family.

Though I may write about matters related to Churches of Christ at times, I intend to be broader than that in my focus.  I am a theologian at heart and I am concerned that old theology that has served the people of God well is easily cast away in favor of emerging trends in our dizzying pluralistic society.  I hope to apply consistent theological and biblical analysis to our contemporary landscape. If that sounds boring to you, then I hope to change your mind by demonstrating the relevance of my approach.

I hope to be a counter-voice of sorts, however small that voice may be, to what I see as the abandonment of core theology and sound hermeneutics by some popular bloggers/writers today.  I don’t mean this in argumentative spirit, but rather in seeking to affirm and assist those who are striving to hold onto biblical Christian faith. Instead of spelling out my own theological commitments here, I think they will be evident enough in my posts.  I invite your feedback and promise to maintain a civil place of discussion.

Also, I am married with three kids (ages 10, 7, 4; 2 boys and a girl).  My first commitment in being a disciple of Jesus is to be a godly husband and father in hopes that my children will know our Savior no matter what may come in this world.

Thanks for reading!



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  2. Scott Reeves says:

    I look forward to reading, and perhaps entering in at times. Mostly, I intend to follow along to learn from all of the bloggers that join your conversation.

  3. Elouise says:

    Hi, David. I just found your blog while browsing Forgiveness! I’m happy to know you’re out there. I love theology and have been immersed in theological education most of my life.

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