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Ray Rice, Hypocritical Outrage, and Objectifying Victims

The whole Ray Rice saga has prompted me out of my blogging apathy.  I suppose the story just crosses into too many domains that I care about.  I’m a Christian, first of all, and I care about the effects of … Continue reading

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Joy, Happiness and The Christian–Joy Factor #1

I wonder how many Christians feel that their level of joy/happiness does not match the faith they profess.  I was most definitely in that category, though I’ve improved significantly.  I thought I would share my journey in this regard and … Continue reading

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America’s Growing Love of Soccer Is Good Not Bad

I love sports.  I rarely write about them here, but I once tried to maintain a sport’s blog. I can barely maintain this one.  There are so many stories told between the lines of whatever field you are talking about: … Continue reading

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Are We Building Faith In The Bible INSTEAD of Jesus?

Recently a friend posted a link to this article  (WARNING: Some explicit language) about yet another young believer abandoning their Christian faith for her own particular reasons.  In this case, the author was a young and energetic evangelical, who lost her … Continue reading

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WWJD? Turn over tables? Really? | Coffee

WWJD? Turn over tables? Really? | Coffee Cup Theology I thought this was good/thought-provoking and challenging.

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Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, and the End of Time

A little over a year ago, I attended a lecture by Jeff Childers regarding the gospel embedded in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) epic novel.  I don’t know if I quite reach the level of a LOTR nerd, … Continue reading

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Why I Didn’t Give Phil Robertson A Standing Ovation

I was quoted in this article from the Christian Chronicle.  The quote is correct, though, of course, it was only a small sample of what I said.  I think the Christian Chronicle and Bobby Ross do a great job and I … Continue reading

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