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America’s Growing Love of Soccer Is Good Not Bad

I love sports.  I rarely write about them here, but I once tried to maintain a sport’s blog. I can barely maintain this one.  There are so many stories told between the lines of whatever field you are talking about: … Continue reading

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Why I Didn’t Give Phil Robertson A Standing Ovation

I was quoted in this article from the Christian Chronicle.  The quote is correct, though, of course, it was only a small sample of what I said.  I think the Christian Chronicle and Bobby Ross do a great job and I … Continue reading

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How I Think A Christian Should Respond to Jason Collins and Michael Sam

It seems that everywhere you look there is more news about the social progress of homosexuals in this country.  All barriers continue to fall and most recently those barriers came down in two of the major sports leagues in the … Continue reading

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Racism and Redemption

                Recently, a host for a cooking show, Paula Deen, and a professional football player, Riley Cooper, were caught using the “n” word in different contexts.  The word is inherently a racial slur … Continue reading

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God’s Voice and the Mission of the Church

It has been a while since my last post.  I confess to struggling mightily with motivation for blogging (or social media in general) when I get into really busy seasons in my life.  I am finally sitting down to write … Continue reading

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Being Good By Doing Good

Note: I apologize for some text editing issues below.  No matter what I do it will not be fixed.  Mind of its own it seems; hope it is not too distracting.                  I was … Continue reading

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Divorce and Remarriage: A Response

Recently, a friend and brother in Christ posted two videos on his Facebook page dealing with the issues of divorce and remarriage.  Before I watched the videos—and before he posted them—we disagreed about its conclusions, though I was not in … Continue reading

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