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Why I Didn’t Give Phil Robertson A Standing Ovation

I was quoted in this article from the Christian Chronicle.  The quote is correct, though, of course, it was only a small sample of what I said.  I think the Christian Chronicle and Bobby Ross do a great job and I … Continue reading

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Reaching For the Forbidden Fruit

Everytime I read the story of Eve in the Garden of Eden I want to shout, “Don’t do it!” as the Serpent offers her the forbidden fruit.  Of course, she does it and so does Adam, biting into the only … Continue reading

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God’s Voice and the Mission of the Church

It has been a while since my last post.  I confess to struggling mightily with motivation for blogging (or social media in general) when I get into really busy seasons in my life.  I am finally sitting down to write … Continue reading

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Being Good By Doing Good

Note: I apologize for some text editing issues below.  No matter what I do it will not be fixed.  Mind of its own it seems; hope it is not too distracting.                  I was … Continue reading

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“Fax of Life” A Post-Election Reminder

“Fax of Life” A Post-Election Reminder I love most everything Rubel Shelly writes, but this is especially good and timely.  I hope you will check it out.

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Why The Election Doesn’t Matter As Much As You Think It Does

Note:  This entry was originally written for our church bulletin article, but I thought this a relevant place to publish it as well. Please see my earlier entry from today as well:  Christian When You Go To Vote Today                 … Continue reading

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Christian, When You Go to Vote Today…

Remember that no matter the outcome your true King is on the throne (Isaiah 6:1-4). Remember that your citizenship is in heaven and you belong to another kingdom (Phi. 3:20). Therefore, you vote with greater allegiance to the Kingdom of … Continue reading

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